Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Désir Macarons Ladurée

Le temps de fuir à Paris, au Japon ou à Monaco pour des macarons Ladurée. Substituer Lindt pour le mois prochain d'ici là? Besoin d'assouvir ce désir!
(Time to fly to Paris, Japan or Monaco for some Ladurée macaroons. Lindt substitute for the next month until then? Need to satiate this craving!)
Don't you just love how colorful they are too? They are so pretty that I may not want to eat them, just keep taking photos of them. I love when things are just as delicious as they look ;)


  1. oh the colours, love the photos

  2. Definitely, I always feel terrible when eat macarons - they're so precious:)
    There's a store- here the name escapes me, though it's next door to a jewelry store named crystalline actually- which has beautiful macaron cake arrangements. Next time I go past, I'll take a bbm picture for you :-)

  3. Ooh, please do take a BlackBerry photo for me of the jewelry store with my name on it, and also the macarons place! I would love to be able to post it on here also :) Maybe someone can take a photo of you in front of the store too so that it's even more interesante!


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